WhatsApp Marketing

BulkSMSglobal provides you with a latest niche marketing solution through its WhatsApp Marketing services. This technology uses desktop software that helps both in filtering the WhatsApp numbers from the data list and then sending the message (Text, Image, and Video) to the numbers found active on WhatsApp. The promotional messages could be either sent as a group i.e. with group name or individually. Multiple channels are required to send messages through the software which is time consuming; therefore a lot of manual effort is involved. We as a result, take up the campaign on the client’s behalf, successfully push it and provide a detailed report of the campaign conducted, to the client.

BulkSMSglobal offers a database of 2 crores WhatsApp users enabling a brand to be promoted through this medium. WhatsApp promotional messages could be sent in the following formats:-

  1. Text (up to 4,000 characters)
  2. Image (Maximum 2 MB size)
  3. Video (Maximum 2 MB size)