Website SEO

Internet is a home to more than one billion websites. But, how does a common surfer find a site of his use. Search engine is the obvious answer to this question. They are the mechanism which attracts more than three-fourth of the traffic to any website, at the same time simplifying the life of a surfer.

Any business online or offline these days function through a website. This builds a credibility of the company in a visitor’s mind as well as produce relevant information of its whereabouts. Thus, to attract more business it needs to be present in an accessible region, therefore the concept of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into picture. Through various guidelines, study, domain expertise and manual effort, SEO elevates your website to a position it deserves to be at.

BulkSMSglobal’s SEO strategy will ensure your website’s placement in the first few of pages of relevant search. We work in accordance with Google Search Quality Guidelines. Our plan includes:-

  • An initial website consultation followed by Keyword Research and Front Page Content Analysis
  • Meta Data Alteration along with a review of Internal Text Links of the site
  • Relevant content, Review and Implementation of Google Analytics
  • Checking the Ranking reports and working towards increasing visibility in search engines, gaining qualified traffic
  • Enhance keyword ranking