Mobile Advertising

Where there is an invention, there lies opportunity. Such is the case with Mobile Market and its users. With the rapid increase in production, advancement in technology and users of Mobile devices, businesses have shifted their base to this platform. Right from accessing information, shopping, communication exchange, application downloads, calling services, mobiles are ubiquitously present and in demand. For advertisers this being a great opportunity, thus giving rise to a new concept called Mobile Advertising.

Few facts that add weight to the Mobile Advertising vertical are:-

  • 2.5 billion People spend around 2 hours daily on their mobiles doing various activities
  • 4% growth every year in mobile app with 140 billion mobile apps downloaded every year
  • 27% enterprises will have personalized mobile apps by 2018, around 70% enterprises develop mobile apps every year

Today, every mobile user carry the world in their fist, can make a difference through a click of a button. To optimize such user-base, new engaging and innovative apps are created every day. There being intense competition, the product offered needs to delight customers to succeed and sustain. To cash on these factors, BulkSMSglobal offers different optimization techniques to promote and make customer apps available and visible in app stores. Providing ranking boost strategy to increase app downloads, testimonials from industry experts and push ads are part of BulkSMSglobal’s Mobile Advertising Plan.