I.V.R.System (Interactive Voice Response System)

BulkSMSglobal’s IVR services provide customer interaction strategy by facilitating uninterrupted, continuous experience to the callers. IVR systems are designed in a manner that they can respond with pre-recorded, dynamically greeted audio to further direct users on how to precede. They are used to control any function where the interface could be broken down into a series of simple menu choices. Its feasibility in business comes from the single point contact for a host of services, automated access to information, round the clock operation and reduced operational costs.

What is IVRS?

  • IVRS solution gives an impression of human interaction to the callers 24*7
  • IVRS detects an incoming ring ,directly converting it to a signal for call reception
  • With the integration of IVRS to customer website’s backend, tools like live reporting, channel menus and multi-language answer support options could be activated
  • Languages used may range from anything between 1 to 10

Why use IVRS for business?

BulkSMSglobal’s IVR solution enables callers to access desired information by directing them to their concerned department via telephone instructions. The concerns of long call waiting are replaced by one-to-many call attenders, emphasizing them to concentrate on issues of greater importance. A detailed reporting system is created as a result of seamless integration of customer’s backend, web applications to our IVRS solution. Consistent, accurate information is provided with efficient and cost-effective customer service.