Bulk SMS Gateway

BulkSMSglobal offers the tried and tested SMS communication to deliver a message to a large number of people at the same time. Using internet speed and mobile user numbers to its advantage, Bulk SMS solutions enable business communication through mobile. It also acts as touchpoint for company and client communication. SMS has benefit of summing up a communication in short, to-the-point and crisp messages to the busy users with no time to spend on detailed advertisements. The short messages do the magic trick of communicating the message to the target audience in less span of time with a cost effective platform.

SMS messages are usually purchased in bulk, hence the term, and are considerably cheaper than regular SMS sent from a mobile phone. With an open rate of 98% read by a recipient within 5 minutes, Bulk SMS platforms allow you to deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets, almost anywhere in the world.

Used commonly for alerts, reminders, updating customers, sending promotional offers or incentives, offer coupons and confirm bookings, Bulk Messaging allows you to measure the impact of your sent messages by tracking the delivery reports. By providing a link in the promotion message, one can measure the amounts of hits/sales led by the SMS campaign.

Bulk SMS software

BulkSMSglobal ends your search of technologically advanced, desktop software with the convenience of usage according to your need and time. This software interface provides users with the opportunity of adding unlimited phone numbers and with easy managing options.

Few other features include uploading list of mobile phone numbers directly as a TXT or CSV file. SMS Plug-in functionality is also included in this software. By scheduling SMS at specific times and/or days, the messages are directly sent nationally and internationally. Send messages through Sender IDs of your choice and track them via our managed system i.e. Delivery reports.


BulkSMSglobal SMS gateway offers to enable any website or application with high speed through advanced and secured 2 – way SMS service. SMS gateway integration can be implemented with a wide-range of simple, secured and flexible APIs offering a wide array of connection options as given below.

  • HTTP API - HTTP API is one of the most popular, simple and flexible API as it can be easily integrated with any site or application. The API code is made available for all Registered Users. Few uses of it include sending and receiving SMS to and from the application/ website, and availing the delivery reports.
  • SMPP API - For businesses with high monthly SMS consumption, SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) API is appropriate. BulkSMSglobal supports SMPP connection to such users and help them access comprehensive reports through web interface.
  • FTP API - BulkSMSglobal assists you in uploading the FTP (File Text Protocol) facility if you have large volumes of messages to be delivered frequently. The prerequisite being a list of destination mobile numbers and BulkSMSglobal via FTP enables you to upload a text file will all other details.
  • Unicode API - This API allows one to send SMS in regional languages and BulkSMSglobal supports every written language in the world through the Unicode API.