Bulk Email

BulkSMSglobal’s E-mail service is an effective medium that will take you directly to your customer’s inbox with just a click of a button. With the increasing penetration of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, people have choice to surf and check updates anytime, anywhere. The E-mail service optimizes that advantage by reaching your target audience in a nicely packaged, professional message format.

For a message that is to be communicated in detail, with the inclusion options of rich text, images, media, hyperlinks or even action buttons, E-mail does it all. This forms a nice balance between the short message service and the aggressive internet advertising. This quality makes it a perfect solution for target customers preferring to communicate via e-mails. While other advertising mediums often irk users, e-mail marketing neatly does its job by gaining high click – through and possibly favourable action with its preciseness.

Statistically, professionals have a higher tendency to reply to e-mails because they are treated as online documentation. Therefore, BulkSMSglobal through e-mail marketing services, ensure that you not only reach your target audience, but also stay connected to the existing customer base. Parallely, retention and new client acquisitions continue.